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Twitter Tricks
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  Twitter Tactics and Secrets  
Twitter is considered the fastest growing social media site on the planet. In 2008 it had upwards of 3 million users and by 2009 that number had grown to 8 million, and then by March of 2010 it had grown to 14 million. Today Twitter has 190 million users.

The key to building a business network is the quality of your followers. Twitter users can follow one another just like friends follow one another on Facebook. If you choose not to have strangers following you Twitter simply set your privacy box to manually approve. But if you close your Twitter account to people you donít know you canít take advantage of the true networking capabilities of Twitter.

Grow your following by adding people to your network. CNN has the largest following with more than 800,000 followers. Itís time you learned some of the most powerful Twitter tactics to maximize your Twitter power.

1. You should follow those who follow you. This will give you maximum exposure and help your Twitter network to grow.

2. Let your tweets show your real personality and let them get to know you. For example, perhaps you are a writer; why not share some writing tips.

3. Make your tweets that are valuable to your network. Keep them on topic and interesting. Let your follows know you are an expert in your field and on the topic.

4. Be sure to retweet the posts of others tweeters. Using an app like TweetDeck can make this seamless, especially if you have large following.

5. Become familiar with ďfollow Friday,Ē which is the time to tweet to your favorite followers. That way others can learn about these followers and they can be added to the network.

6. Finally, perhaps the most important tactic is to learn the tactics that the experts like Rich Bryda use, because if they have built empires using Twitter, you too can by learning the tactics they use.

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Twitter Tricks

Includes IN-HOUSE Made "Guru" Squeeze, Thank You & MRR Upsell Pages [...]


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